Carezze di mare

The gastronomic specialties prepared by our company are intended bring out the peculiarities of the culinary tradition of our territory. Adriatic aromas and flavors are enhanced in preparation, characterized by high levels of quality, freshness and purity. Moreover, the great care towards the production and selection of raw materials denotes our attention to consumers.

The appetizing and tasty recipes open up a delicious, wide range of opportunities and culinary combinations, so interesting as to make Carezze di Mare an essential product for a delicious Italian appetizer.


Carezze di terra

Within our family of products there are Carezze di Terra, traditional Apulian food specialties that enrich our wide Italian appetizer offerings. Vegetables are prepared with classic traditional recipes of Apulia to wow consumers with a triumph of tastes for every palate. Carezze di Terra create a juicy marriage of flavors, able to add character to the unexpected and captivating tastes of appetizers and aperitivos proposed by the most inspired  chefs.  


The Oliosale line is the new addition to our family of products. It is a line of  high quality, only made using products from the Adriatic Sea. That’s another gift dedicated to the most refined palates by our company; always looking for freshness and quality.


Ready to eat

I Freschi di Carezze di Mare

The Freschi di Mare line is made using fresh, clean fish; ready to be consumed by customers in their recipes. Suitable for microwave use as well as for traditional cooking, Freschi Carezze di Mare preserves the freshness of the raw materials, thanks to the innovative modified atmosphere packing system. And thanks to this packing system, the organoleptic  and microbiological properties of the product are kept intact for at least eight days if stored at 4°C.

With Freschi di Carezze di Mare, our company completes its products offering, focusing the attention on the customer’s needs, a consumer who is interested in nutritive and healthy properties, of which the Blue Fish is full, such as Omega3, well-known for the countless positive and balancing effects on the body.

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